With a global family of more than 56,000 employees, DP World is a 'trade enabler' that works to create a better future for all.

As a premium partner, DP World's FLOW Pavilion is one of the most prominent pavilions on the EXPO site, and anticipates the attendance of approximately 2.5 million visitors over the course of Expo 2020.


Successful applicants will enjoy the following benefits:

1.  Stipend: 1000 AED / month

2.  1 meal / day during work time

3.  Daily Transportation, within Dubai, to work (Expo 2020)

4.  Uniform

5.  Employee Education Program from DP World

6.  Internship Certificate from DP World

7.  Opportunity to network with International Companies and decision-makers in EXPO

8.  Possibility of full-time placement

*If you are not a current resident of the UAE, please apply through




Inspire the next generation of business leaders and innovators by introducing them to the dynamic world of trade and logistics, and showing how DP World enables trade globally.

A background in Education and Learning and/or experience working with children and young adults is preferred.


Explore your creativity at the heart of our exciting live media campaigns, supporting our global communications team in producing quality, engaging content.

Suitable for those with a background in PR, and Marketing and Communications.



Work with DP World in welcoming VIP guests to our pavilion, engaging closely with our Majlis team to ensure our guests receive an experience of a lifetime.

A background or interest in Protocol or Government Relations is preferred.


Play a crucial role in the day to day operations of one of the largest pavilions at Expo 2020.

A background in Facilities Management, Venue Operations or Construction is preferred.


Introduce the general public to the world of global trade, and show how companies like DP World enable the flow of ideas, goods, and people that forms the backbone of the global economy.


A background in Customer Services, Exhibitions and Events, and experience with public speaking will be preferred.

DP World would like to reassure all applicants that we will be taking every precaution to protect you and ensure that our FLOW Pavilion will be a safe working environment that comply with all health and safety protocols mandated by the UAE government.


1.  Will I need to be vaccinated before arriving?

No. It is not mandatory to have been vaccinated before arriving.

However, getting vaccinated can help protect not just yourself but those around you as well from COVID-19, particularly people at increased risk of severe illness from the virus and its complications. So while not mandatory, we strongly recommend doing so if the opportunity is available to you. We will keep you informed on any changes as the situation develops.

2.  Will I need to take a PCR before traveling to Dubai?

Yes. All staff that will be traveling to Dubai to work at the DP World FLOW Pavilion must have a negative PCR test result not more than 72 hours before departureBe advised that travel rules are continuously changing, and you will need to keep yourself up-to-date on your country’s and the UAE’s travel requirements.

3.  Will I need to take a PCR test upon arrival?

Yes. All people coming from outside the UAE to work at the DP World FLOW Pavilion in Dubai will have to take a PCR test immediately after arriving in the UAE. However, we will have pavilion staff regularly take PCR tests while they are employed to work at the pavilion. Testing schedules will be communicated at a later date

4.  Will I need to quarantine after arrival?

Yes, as per current government guideline international travel should undergo quarantine until a PCR negative test result is issued. However, this requirement could be changed at a later date depending on UAE government requirements at the time.

5.  What will happen if I test positive while working at the pavilion?

We would like to assure everyone that all staff working at the DP World FLOW Pavilion will be provided the necessary care required to recover fully if tested positive for COVID-19 during their tenure with us.

6.  What kind of protocols will be put in place to ensure my safety?

We will ensure regular and thorough sanitising of the pavilion site, as well as ensure all staff have access to hand sanitiser throughout the pavilion. We will strictly enforce all health and safety protocols including maintaining social distancing and wearing masks at all times, as well as carefully monitoring staff health and wellbeing for the duration of their tenure with us. Staff will also be able to voice concerns over any issues concerning the work environment, their personal health, or any other similar concern to their assigned welfare coordinators. We assure everyone that all concerns will be taken seriously, and will be addressed to the best of our ability

7.  What if the situation changes?

We will keep all staff updated on any changes to the COVID-19 situation here in the UAE, including increase or decreases in cases, changes in government policies. Communication will begin shortly after you have been offered and accept the job, and our welfare coordinators will ensure they are constantly in touch with you before and after you arrive in Dubai.